The issues of the gas emission  as carbon dioxide (CO2), has a negative impact on the environment. Every person is responsible for CO2 emission.

The data point out that the concentration of CO 2 in atmosphere has almost reached 400 parts for million (ppm). Considering that we are not reducing the use of fossils fuels and that the concentration of CO2 is steadily increasing in the atmosphere, how can we reverse this tendency? Developing systems of sustainable “ CCS”, Carbon Capture and Sequestration in damp and brackish lagoon environments. (Wetland in the Venice Lagoon ) .

The Italian Venetian lagoon


Using the natural mechanism of the brackish water that captures the atmospheric CO2 and  moves it to the underwater ecosystems  (algae and aquatic plants) , the lagoon picks up the CO2 and stocks  it in the muddy subsoil,  it does it naturally and without any mechanical artifice. A natural trial that is favored and exalted by the type of traditional and historical activity of this fishing  area  (since XIV century) and that involves a sustainable and optimal environmental management for the capture of the carbon dioxide.

Thanks to the careful and experienced human activity, these unique  Venetian environments can absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (concept of environmental addiction)


an example of absorption of GHG due to the correct environmental management
emission of gas for an uncontrolled water circulation (free wetland lagoon)

A special monitoring equipment, allows us to check these particular environments and verify the real action of Carbon Capture and Storage

The “Valle da pesca” in the Venetian lagoon , is a private ownership. Historically it produces high quality fish. Now the product is certified as ORGANIC. The fish is captured through systems that have been handed down for centuries and this happens only for three - four months in the year

This biofish does not  eat artificial nourriture and it is free to swim in unpolluted environments; for this reason fish is economically more expensive  than that  one reared in  intensive productions.  Only thanks to the  economic contribution of the CCS  these enterprises can become sustainable and survive maintaining this cultural and environmental patrimony  (concept of economic addiction).

The activity of this private area, especially suitable for aquaculture , well located inside the Venetian lagoon  produces CO2 credits that are guaranteed by independent checkers according to international  standards . The certification is called  BNEUTRAL by BIOS s.r.l. Italy.

The norm BNEUTRAL regulates the voluntary certification of calculation, reduction and compensation of the gas emissions . It can be used in relation to  organizations and products. The Program is developed in line with the principal standards , methodologies and line guide.

Every certified BIOS project has the necessary requisite of addiction as described in the norms UNFCCC (2011) and following changes.

As economics addiction we refer to the scenery in absence and not of the human activity in term of environmental maintenance and organic aquaculture .

Each calculation is subjected  to a reduction of the 50% of the credits for possible environmental perturbations (buffer addiction)


BNEUTRAL can be on web site


Calculate, reduce and  compensate the Carbon emission , it is advantageous for your business :

it is of  climatic benefit to the environment

it allows the  increasing of energy efficiency, therefore decreasing  consumption and energy bills

it improves the company image towards  clients,  commercial partners and  general  public opinion

it increases your  own competitiveness on the market

it allows you to improve the business environmental performance, setting yourself  into the focus of future international normative and green economy

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